Sky Customer Service: 0870 280 2564

In 1990, British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television merged to form Sky, a British telecom company. This new company began offering telephone and television service as well as internet service to business and home consumers in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK, Italy and Ireland. Sky is the largest television broadcaster of these pay for service offerings in the United Kingdom. Its head corporate office boasts 31,000 employees, both women and men, and is based in Isleworth.

Sky Customer Service Numbers:

Sky HelplineCustomer Service Number
Sky Customer Service0870 280 2564
Sky TV0870 280 6345
Sky Broadband0870 280 5687
Sky Talk0870 280 5660

Contacting Sky Customer Services

Sky customer service can be reached at 0870 280 2564. They offer help with a variety of services, including:

  • New Service
  • Billing Statements
  • Bill Payments
  • Moving Home
  • Sky Talk
  • Television Plans
  • Sky Go
  • Online Accounts
  • Broadband Internet
  • Yahoo E-mail Setup
  • Service Outages
  • Other Problems

For all other issues, contact Sky. The company website provides a significant amount of information pertaining to all of the above topics and more. If your questions remain unanswered after browsing our site’s Help area, please contact the company by phone to speak with a Sky customer service representative.

Reporting Problems to Sky Customer Service

If you are experiencing issues with services, dial Sky phone number 0870 280 2564. Use this number to report connection issues with broadband, telephone or internet services. You may check the status of your local connection issues online. In order to monitor your satellite signal, please go to the Sky Diagnostic Tool found on the Sky website. A Sky customer service agent can help direct you if you are unable to find it. Agents also assist with diagnosing problems, and if necessary, can dispatch a local servicer.

Sky Accounts and Payments Direct Service Number

For assistance with your account or billing issues such as managing your payments or statements, making adjustments to your servicing plan, signing in, or for other billing and account issues, please call Sky by dialing 0870 280 2564. You may reset your username and password online by requesting a username reminder and resetting your password from the prompt that is provided. This action does not require a call to customer service if you use the options provided online.

Sky Television Services Customer Service Number

For information regarding television services, call Sky customer service number 0870 280 2564. The company offers packages including free-to-air, entertainment and HD stations. A number of options and arrangements are available beginning at 20 pounds per month. Some may require a minimum length of contract, commonly a minimum of 12 months. Assistance is available with current reception or box problems. Be sure to call as soon as an issue is experienced so that the customer service team may assist you as quickly as possible.

Sky Internet Service Customer Service Number

Sky offers paid fiber and broadband internet services as well as some services at no cost. They offer service solutions ranging from monthly limited usage to unlimited services. Agents will assist you in deciding which options work best for you. If you are setting up a first-time account, Sky customer service agents will assist you and will arrange a time that works for you for the installation. Call 0870 280 2564 to speak to one of Sky’s specialists and learn more about our rates and available options.