HMRC Contact Number: 0870 280 2566

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, which is commonly abbreviated as HMRC, is a non-ministerial department of the United Kingdom government. HMRC contact options include phone, email, and more. Call 0870 280 2566 to be connected. The HMRC is the tax authority of the United Kingdom and is responsible for overseeing the funds that are used for public services and financial support targeted for individuals and families.

The functions of the HMRC are three-fold: tax collection, state support payment, and administering the regulation of the national minimum wage. As a governmental entity, the HMRC has existed since 2005; when Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue were merged. The London-based HMRC currently employs 56,000 people and brings in over £500 billion in annual revenues from taxing 5.2 million businesses and over 45 million individuals.

HMRC Contact Information

To speak with an agent directly, use the HMRC contact number 0870 280 2566. Most people living and working in the United Kingdom will have tax reporting requirements that fall within the department’s four operational groups. These include personal tax, benefits and credits, business tax, and enforcement and compliance.

Within these operational groups are specific divisions which focus on the many tax and financial affairs pertaining to both individuals and businesses. Many individuals and businesses contact HMRC directly because it is the best way to learn what is required for each unique circumstance. The HMRC site offers a wealth of pertinent information to help taxpayers and their agents fulfill tax obligations appropriately.

Call HMRC for Problem Solving

There is a specific HMRC helpline dedicated to providing information and solving tax payers’ problems in many different categories. The website includes the following Contact HMRC subject areas for taxpayers to explore and have questions answered:

  • Get Help with Tax
  • If you can’t pay your bill on time
  • Tell HMRC about a change to your business
  • Dealing with HMRC if you have sight or hearing impairments
  • Self-Assessment
  • Tax Credits
  • Child Benefit
  • Income Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Tax for employers
  • VAT
  • PAYE- the Pay As You Earn System
  • The Construction Industry Scheme
  • HMRC Online Services
  • Any other taxes or HMRC Services

Contact HMRC for Focused Help

Some tax payers will need additional support with tax computation, new residence reporting requirements, inheritance taxation, employee setup, reporting fraud or charity information. These subjects are addressed online; with numerous useful educational links.The HMRC Contact Number 0870 280 2566 for Get Help with Tax is one good entry point for accessing personalized information concerning any tax subjects. Though it is possible to use a number of online forms to deal with tax issues, speaking directly with an agent offers the opportunity to work closely with an experienced tax expert.

The HM Revenue and customs contact number 0870 280 2566 for Tax for Employers is an excellent starting point for businesses requiring tax reporting support. There are distinct differences between individual and business tax reporting obligations. The various help lines have information posted online which specifies the operating hours for each HMRC category. The hours are listed with opening and closing times for Monday through Friday, and Saturday hours; which are generally shorter than weekdays. Some help lines specify an hour of the day when their phone lines are less busy. Some are completely closed on weekends and holidays.

Though the HMRC is a complex entity, it is implementing a 10-year process to modernize its functionality. It will open 13 modern regional facilities with skilled employees, training areas and the digital infrastructure to provide accurate customer services. The organization will move out of its current central London location into cities throughout the United Kingdom. Regardless of location, HMRC contact number 0870 280 2566 can be used to call and ask questions or deal with problems.