Ebay Contact Number: 0870 280 2390

eBay is an e-commerce company dedicated to offering global purchasing opportunities and business opportunities to enterprises worldwide, regardless of size. Those who wish to contact the company can use eBay contact number 0870 280 2390 to be connected. The company’s corporate vision of “Connected Commerce” offers people the opportunity to use technology-supported business transactions for the benefit of all involved.

Officially launched in September of 1995, the site was first called AuctionWeb. Computer expert Pierre Omidyar, developed the initial website over a weekend spent developing code with his personal computer. His goal was to create an open and honest, buying and selling marketplace bringing people together to present their goods. By June of 1996, the company had sold $7.2 million in merchandise. In September of 1997, the company was officially renamed as eBay.

eBay Customer Service Contact Information

eBay is headquartered in San Jose, California. According to Forbes, in 2015 eBay employs 36,500 people and has reported sales of $17.94 B. For millions of individuals worldwide, eBay supports auction-based and standard sales transactions, managing local and connected websites in over thirty countries. Anyone who would like to work, buy, or sell with this people-focused company may use the eBay contact number 0870 280 2390 to speak with a customer service agent.

Because the company continues to maintain its vision that commerce should be open to all, driven with people-friendly technology, and people-enabled; anyone can access eBay at its primary website, which is http://www.ebay.com. This website supports buying and selling products and services through auctions and direct sales. There are no fees for Buyers, but Sellers do pay fees for completed transactions and, in certain cases, for listing items.

Contact the eBay Phone Number for Buying Help

There are several ways to buy items on eBay. Buyers may buy auctioned items in two ways. The process is simple: either enter a bid and wait to see if that lower-priced bid wins by the end of the bidding period, or select the “Buy It Now” feature to buy at the Seller’s listed price. If you need help with buying or selling on the site, contact eBay by calling 0870 280 2390. Agents can help with any and all matters related to the site.

The Seller can dictate how they will handle refunds and exchanges, but sometimes, the way some items are handled varies from seller to seller can cause problems. When problems occur concerning refunds and exchanges, eBay Buyers can get in touch with eBay by calling 0870 280 2390 to report issues and receive help. If problems continue to remain unresolved, both Buyers and Sellers have access to problem-solving help by reporting difficult issues to the Resolution Center.

Some Common eBay Help Topics for Buyers:

  • Buying Basics
  • Paying for Products
  • Canceling a Purchase or Did
  • Feedback
  • Solving Buying Problems
  • Shipping
  • Product Returns
  • Payment Assistance

Call the eBay Contact Number for Selling Help

Sellers are permitted to market a wide range of products, with some restrictions. For specific information, call the eBay contact number 0870 280 2390 to speak with a sales specialist. Seller guidelines are available on the website, and agents can also help by providing information regarding how to get started, what the selling fees are going to be, and what items and can or cannot be sold on the site. Contact eBay via phone for any listing questions. The information is posted online, but it is helpful for new sellers to speak with an eBay customer service representative about the process.

eBay Help for Accounts

Creating an account on eBay is free. The same account handles purchases and sales. If you have an interest in operating an eBay store, contact eBay for the current monthly subscription costs. Information about eBay stores is on the main website. Account assistance is also available for help with updating account details, account security, billing questions and solving account problems. eBay customer service number 0870 280 2390 will put you directly in contact with an agent who can assist you with any matter related to your account.