DVLA Contact Number: 0870 280 2395

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the division of The Department of Transport that handles all motor vehicle registration for Great Britain. DVLA contact can be made by calling 0870 280 2395. The department is currently run by CEO, Oliver Morley. The DVLA headquarters is located in Swansea, Wales. Since its establishment in 1965, DVLA has used the information collected from registrations to enhance road safety, assist in environmental related projects, prevent and decrease the number of motor vehicle crimes, and prevent citizens from committing vehicle tax evasion.

DVLA Contact Numbers:

HelplineUK Contact NumberInternational Contact Number
DVLA0870 280 2395+44 870 280 2395
Vehicle Registration0300 790 6801+44 300 790 6801
V5C Certificates0300 790 6801+44 300 790 6801
Vehicle Tax0300 790 6802+44 300 790 6802

What is the DVLA Contact Number?

Contact DVLA using the this phone number: 0870 280 2395

If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle registration, you can contact DVLA through 0870 280 2395. DVLA’s 24/7 completely automated phone system can assist you with most questions. However, if you need to talk to DVLA’s customer service, they are available. This number will connect you to a helpful agent who will answer your questions and offers assistance if one of your topics relate to the following:

  • Driver Licenses
  • License Testing
  • Lost Licenses
  • Tax Discs
  • Records
  • Untaxed Vehicles
  • Bereavement
  • Private Plates

Why Should You Contact DVLA?

The DVLA has several duties that it performs. These duties include the following:

-Providing licenses to new drivers

-Processing applications for provisional licenses

-Assisting the Police & Intelligence departments when necessary

-Issuing blue badges for disabled drivers

-Updating stolen or damaged vehicle information

If you need assistance with making sure your vehicle registration is complete and accurate, contact the DVLA helpline. You may use the helpline to report a vehicle is not road-worthy, get a tax disc, get a new license, etc. If you want an alternative way to contact the DVLA, fill out the contact form provided.

Discs and Tax Payments Information

DVLA contact number 0870 280 2395 can help you renew tax discs or set up automatic road tax payments. For tax purposes, you are required to contact DVLA when you sell your vehicle. This documents the sale and strips you of your liability. You will need a V5C Registration certificate. When you call DVLA, please have your vehicle registration number, make and model of your care, date of the sale, and the new owner contact information ready. You are able to send it online.

Every vehicle is required to have an up to date Road Tax disc. You have 14 days to present one. During this time you can post a new application for a disc. The helpline can be phoned if you need help with updating your disc. Furthermore, instructions and the required forms can be found online.

DVLA Helpline for License

A learner’s permit or a provisional license is needed to get a driving license. You can only use a provisional license if you have a full license individual in the car with you. You will gain your full license once you pass the theory and driving tests. A provisional license cost 50 pounds. Contact DVLA to learn more about getting your provisional license.

You may schedule your driver’s test online via email. Email customer.service@dsa.gsi.gov.uk. You can book between Monday and Friday. You will have to renew your license every ten years for 20 pounds. If you have any more questions, please contact the DVLA customer service helpline 0870 280 2395.