Amazon Contact Number: 0870 280 2518

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded an online bookstore named Amazon. Those who wish to contact Amazon customer service can do so by calling 0870 280 2518. Since its founding, Amazon has grown from that online bookstore into a global marketer of thousands of items. Headquartered in Seattle, Amazon employs over 180,000 people. The company now offers customer support in one or more forms at all times.

Amazon Customer Service

Amazon sells thousands of products every day, and delivers these all over the world. With the number of customers placing orders and receiving products, Amazon has made a commitment to providing outstanding customer service in all areas. You may contact Amazon by calling 0870 280 2518 with any questions or concerns about your order. Amazon customer service consultants are able to handle any problem related to:

  • Item details
  • Large item delivery
  • Shipping costs & options
  • International shipments
  • Tracking shipments
  • Lost/Undeliverable packages
  • Returns and Refunds
  • And more

Amazon customer service consultants are able to handle all of your issues quickly, and they treat you like a valued customer at all times.

Amazon offers the capability of tracking shipments. To track an order, sign into your account on the main website. Once logged in, click ‘Your Orders’ and select the order you want. Click ‘Track Package’ to display the most current shipping information. There can be a twenty-four hour lag between the order’s shipping and the information being loaded into Amazon’s system, so don’t panic if you don’t see anything before the twenty-four hours are up. If, after twenty-four hours, no information is available, contact Amazon at 0870 280 2518 to get shipping details.

Amazon Contact for Returns

If you should need to return a package and/or get a refund, contact the Amazon helpline at 0870 280 2518. Most ordered items are eligible for a full refund, and gifts may be returned for a refund or exchanged. Items not eligible for a refund may be exchanged for a different item. To start the process, go to the website and print a return label.

Returned packages are available for tracking; once Amazon receives a return, the date received is posted into the system and is available to the customer. Amazon help is always available if complications arise during the return process. Amazon help is also available if you need it to determine if a product is eligible for returning. Call Amazon for support at any point in the process.

Amazon Help for Marketplace Sellers

Amazon allows marketplace sellers to offer their products, both goods and services, on Amazon’s site. Memberships, individual or professional, are offered as options by Amazon. Amazon also offers order fulfillment solutions for marketplace sellers. To learn more about selling on Amazon’s site, or to explore all the available sales solutions for your business, contact Amazon customer service at 0870 280 2518.

Amazon Telephone Number Prime Memberships

Amazon Prime is a fee-based membership service, offering benefits such as free 2-day shipping on all items, and first-look opportunities for special promotions, before they are offered to the public. The fee is annual, and the service may be purchased as a gift, or for yourself. To join Amazon Prime, contact Amazon at 0870 280 2518 to speak with a customer service consultant about the service.

Amazon Helpline for Product Trade-Ins

Amazon accepts used goods in exchange for site credits. If you’re contemplating a yard sale, think about sending your goods to Amazon first. Amazon provides pre-paid shipping, and provides tracking. You won’t know if Amazon will accept the goods until they’ve been received and examined; contact Amazon at 0870 280 2518 with your questions about product trade-ins.