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Welcome to 118 Free Call. This website is dedicated to providing visitors with the contact information of many of the top global and UK-based companies. We have done all of the research for you, assembling the most up-to-date and accurate phone numbers. If you have every spent 30 minutes searching a website for a well hidden contact number, then you already know the benefit of bookmarking as website such as ours. Note that there is no charge for this service, but note that call costs may be incurred.

Why is contact information so tough to find at times? The short answer is because call centers cost more money to operate than other types of customer support methods. Even so, most businesses cannot afford to simply do away with phone support, as far too many customers depend on it, but to keep costs to a minimum, other contact methods are offered and phone numbers can be difficult to find. Some even provide this information only after a customer has gone through a process of self-help steps online, which can be quite frustrating.

Alternate contact methods such as email and social media do have their place, and we offer information about these methods as well when it is available. These methods are certainly suitable during times when telephone lines are closed, or when your question or problem does not require an immediate answer. Typically, there is no guarantee with regard to response times when using one of these two methods, which leaves phone contact as the better option if your question or problem requires a speedier response.

In many cases, security is a concern. Are you wondering who called me? It is not uncommon to be asked to provide some personally identifiable information in order to receive account help. This type of information should never be shared on social media, and many do like to provide it via email or on live chat either. Phone support can be used to deal with such matters privately. If you must use a different contact method, then email would rank second in terms of security, but do make sure to use on-site contact forms when they are available, or double-check any email address that you plan to send this type of information to.

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